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Welcome to Gamemaster World

What is Gamemaster World?

    Are you a Gamemaster who is searching for some new material for your fantasy roleplaying game?
    Well, my friend, you are in luck! You have discovered a gem online!

  • Gamemaster World has been specifically created as a resource for gamemasters like you, who
  • need to generate ideas for their roleplaying worlds and campaigns.

  • My name is Brian Done. I am a gamemaster myself, and have spent the last 20 years of my life
  • as a gamemaster for my players. When I first started, I had no idea about how to effectively
  • create a world and conduct epic adventures for my players. I was always surprised by what
  • my players did my world, and oftentimes I would invoke what I called, "the mysterious force,"
  • to make sure that my players went down a certain path. My players would challenge me by
  • journeying into areas of my world that I had not yet created, and for which I did not yet
  • have a backstory. Sometimes, through their cleverness, they would be able to take advantage
  • of something in my game.

  • Afte a while, I became determined that I would create a world (and eventually an entire
  • universe) where my players could freely roam and pratically do anything they wanted. I
  • learned how to have consistent rules and how to make the game world exciting and
  • inviting. I planned and expanded my world so much, that it would take my players a lifetime
  • to explore it all. I really came to enjoy the process of creation, and I was thrilled whenever my
  • players would get excited about somethng cool that I had created for them. The back
  • stories that I created became ever more intriguing, and my players delved deeply into the
  • story, and were truly concerned about how their characters would progress in the game.
  • They even came to repsect many NPC's and came to truly fear other notorious NPC's! It has
  • been awesome!
  • However, the best part is that my players have truly embraced the story of my world
  • (actually it is now worlds - more on that later) and have contributed greatly to the
  • evolution of the story. Although my players are a very active and critical part to the story,
  • they have learned that there are others that have their own personal roles, and are heroes in
  • their own right. In addition, there is always something for my players to learn and to grow
  • from. There is always something more powerful than them, but there is also always something
  • less powerful than them. The great secret to their roleplaying excitement, is the freedom
  • that they enjoy as players. I do not restrict what they think about or do, within the confines
  • of the rules and the natural (and magical) laws of the world. All of the rules and laws apply
  • equally to my players as well as creatures and NPC's. Everyone has an equal chance
  • according to their desires and genius.


New Updates Coming Soon

Posted by Brian Done 05.07.2017

Several sections will be updated soon. These sections include character sheets, danger rating, ore mining, and the Order of Aumin.