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About Brian

Brian Done "the Gamemaster"

      My name is Brian Done. I am married to my sweetheart whom I love with all my heart. We have a young boy together who brings us lots of joy. I also have a Bachelor Degree in Multimedia and Web Development, and am seeking a career in the Web Design Industry. I have designed two other websites that you may enjoy exploring.

      The first website I designed for my dad. My dad is a children's book author and he wanted a website where he could share the magical children's books he has written. His website is located at www.inspireyourimagination.com if you want to take a look.

      The second website is a hobby website that lists many of the stars and planets within our Milky Way Galaxy. You can explore the planets and stars in our Galaxy at www.milkywaygalaxyatlas.com.
    My other hobbies include astronomy, table top roleplaying (surprising huh?!), writing, painting, reading, and enjoying the outdoors. My wife and I currently live in Utah. However, we will be moving to Florida in the next couple of years to be closer to my wife's family.

    I was introduced to table top roleplaying when I was 12 years old. The game was called RuneQuest. I found it fascinating and intriguing. Fantasy roleplaying encouraged me to develop my imagination and I began to further develop my ability to be creative. At first I was a player in my friend's grand adventure. As I gained experience with being a player, I became mesmorized with the idea of being the gamemaster myself. I envisioned myself creating epic worlds with various interesting areas to explore. I became enthralled with the possibilites of bringing my imaginative creations to life through a fantasy world. I focused my efforts on creating rich detail and epic stories in my fantasy worlds. I wanted my players to experience the excitement and fascination that I felt with my creations.

    In addition, I also wanted my players to experience the joy of contributing to the growth and detail of my world through the actions of their characters. My worlds are not a static place where I dictate what must be, but rather, my players have the freedom to live their lives as they desire. There is no destined path that they must travel or choose. My players are free to make whatever choices they wish. After being a Gamemaster for years, I soon discovered that I preferred to be a Gamemaster rather than a player. As a Gamemaster, I still have the luxury of having my own "character," through roleplaying the many non-player characters in the world. I have the freedom to be whatever npc character I would like at that moment. All of my npc's are varied and different.