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World Creation

World Creation

    The process of creating a fantasy world for your players to journey through can be a very fun and exciting activity! As a gamemaster myself, it gives me a chance to be creative when I'm creating a world. I get very excited to create new things in these fantasy worlds that
    my players would find interesting. I also strive to make these worlds as detailed and rich as possible so that my players become totally immersed into these fantasy worlds.

    The first step that I take when creating a new fantasy world, is to figure out what the main backstory or history of the world will be. This is essential to know so that you know how the world should be structured. I make the history as detailed as possible so that I know what kingdoms or countries should exist and how they relate to each other. I also determine what type of races will inhabit the world and how they interact with each other.

    The second step is to actually create the map of the world. I will draw out my maps first before actually creating them using a software program. I draw the main continents first and then the islands. I determine where the mountains, lakes, and rivers will be in relation to one another. When placing these features on the map, I always make sure that they are placed logically using my knowledge of geology. I even go so far as to determine where they tectonic plates will be for each contintent so that I can place features that are more in line with reality.

    The third step is determine the level of technology and magic that will be in the world.